Engaging students with video

A great way to introduce content to students, especially in history and science, is through video.  Many of you show videos whole class, while some of you use video individually.  Both have their benefits.

In order to keep students engaged while showing videos whole class, consider having a Padlet set up where students can drop comments, questions or observations while watching the video.  This allows students to participate while watching the video and not interrupting.  At the end, you can address the questions or comments that were posted.  Padlet gives students who are usually quiet, a chance to participate.  Usually these students have great observations but are too reserved to communicate them.

Allowing students to watch videos individually gives you the opportunity to flip the classroom or provide instruction independently.  You have the freedom to work with other students while others are engaged in the video.  The video or videos can address certain content or skills or it must provide some way for them to interact with the video either by taking notes or answering questions about the video.

Below are some options to do that:

Post a lesson on Blendspace (now called TESTeach) with all the resources needed for that lesson.

Have students answer questions and hear you explain concepts on EDPuzzle or Vizia

Have students take notes while watching a video with VideoANT or MoocNote




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