Preparing videos for use with Students

Below are some tools available to prepare videos to use with your students.  Once you have the videos ready, post them on Google Classroom or Canvas for students to access them.  Remember that teachers have the ability to approve videos for student use on YouTube.  You will approve the video by clicking on the blue bar below the video:  Video not approved for

These tools help you provide video content to students with the sidebar showing related content or the comments that might be included with the video.  Although you have approved the video, there may be some material that is not appropriate for the classroom.  These tools will get rid of that.

ViewPure and Watchkin will eliminate all the ads and any suggested videos from the YouTube video you want to share with students.  Copy and Paste the YouTube URL in the box.  The link  you get will be the link you post to your students in Google Classroom or Canvas. Quietube is an extension to remove all ads from Youtube videos. And last, will also eliminate all ads and comments from the video.

Want to save the video to your laptop?  KeepVid will download the video in the desired format to your laptop or Google Drive.  Once you’ve downloaded them, there’s no need to go find them in YouTube.




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