Google Voice Typing

Google Voice typing is a great feature to use in Google Docs.  To access it, click on Tools > Voice typing.  You and your students may get a pop-up window asking for permission to use the microphone and you will click on Allow.  When you are ready to start speaking, click on the microphone.


Why use voice typing?

  • Voice typing supports those students who still don’t know how to type or still don’t know how to spell all words.  For certain assignments, getting their thoughts on paper is more important.  This can help young writers feel successful.
  • Voice typing can accept dictation in other languages.  This can help you support ELLs or students learning a new language.  Students can compose in their native language and then translate their document, helping them learn English.
  • Support students with special needs such as dislexia or can’t use a keyboard or mouse.
  • Saves time on all types of writing and projects.  It will even add punctuation, formatting and correct mistakes.  See the support page for Voice Typing to see all the commands it accepts.



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