Spark-Presentation Alternative

Give your students a different option for presentations with Spark.  Spark is a free online tool which is accessible on student Chromebooks and lets them use their Google login information to sign up.  Create a Post (ie poster), a Page (ie webpage) or a Video from scratch or use one of their creative templates available to edit with your own content.  It’s very easy to use and presentations come out looking very professional.  Students can use text, photos, video and voice recordings to create their presentations.  It comes with some basic features but beginning in April, premium features will be free for schools.  I’ll let you know when that happens.

Important  for 6th grade and under:  Under your supervision, students can create their account using their Google account but they must enter 2003 as their birth year when signing up.  This will be irrelevant in a couple of months when the upgrade  happens.

Implementation ideas:

  • Presentations in any subject area
  • Video lessons: students teach other students how to do something.
  • History timeline
  • Digital portfolio
  • Multimedia timeline
  • Images to tell a story
  • Posters or Memes

How can you use it in your classroom? Class projects coming up?  Leave a comment.



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