Apps to Explore

Book Creator:  the free version offers you one book that you can play around with.  Some of you are having the students create stories.  This one is a great app because it lets them put in photos, pictures from the camera, they can draw, add text and sound.  Some of  you have been trying out the free Story Creator, which is not as robust as Book Creator, which costs $4.99.  If there are plenty of you that try it and like it, let me know because we get a discount if we purchase 20, price drops to $2.49.  Students can create fiction or nonfiction books, how to manuals, photo books, etc.

Seesaw:  digital portfolio for each student in one place.  Students can add videos, photos, text and drawings.  Teachers can comment on student work.  Parents can then access this work.  Free for teachers

Explain Everything:  create presentations, lessons, tutorials.    You can import movies, PDFs, different types of documents. Students can learn how to present using multiple forms of expression through technology.  Teachers can record lessons of concepts covered in class to share with students who need review or who were absent.  Costs $2.99

Show Me:  similar to Explain Everything but is free and doesn’t have as many options but similarly, can be used to record lessons for students.